Guide: How to register on Tata Cliq seller

Tata Cliq is India’s leading e-commerce platform for buying and selling products. The Tata Cliq marketplace is a platform for both buyers and sellers to find and buy products from others—all in one place. Sellers are able to list their products, while buyers can browse through all of the available products and purchase items from any seller they like.

At the beginning of every seller’s Tata Cliq account creation process, they will need to create a seller account. After creating an account, you will be able to upload photos of your products and verify your email address before submitting a request for registration. 

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When you have created your account, you will need to create a product listing by filling out all relevant details on the product detail page. This is where you will list all of the products that you want to sell on the Tata Cliq marketplace. Each listed product must have at least one image and one description.

The documents required for selling products on Tata Cliq Seller Zone are as follows:

  1.  Tata Cliq seller registration form
  2.  Bank Cancelled cheque
  3.  Photograph
  4.  GST registration certificate
  5.  Business Address Proof
  6.  PAN card
  7.  Bank account details
  8.  Product detail

1). How to Sell on Tata Cliq Marketplace?

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If you’re looking to sell on the Tata Cliq marketplace, here’s what you need to do:

  • Send an email to the “TATA Cliq” support team to notify them of your interest in selling products on this platform.
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  •  Once you receive a response from them, you need to reply to the same email with further details, such as your product and business address details, your PAN card number, and your GST number. After sending these details, you have to follow the same email thread.
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  •  Once the Tata Cliq team receives your email, they will send you a seller agreement document which you need to download and sign on three hundred rupees stamp paper. This document also contains essential information regarding seller commission fees. This information is quite valuable and important so that it can be printed on your personal letterhead with your authorized signature.
  • After signing all the necessary documents, you will need to send them to the “Tata Unistore 1st floor, Empire Plaza 2, Chandan Nagar LBS Marg, Vikhroli West Mumbai 400080” address.
  • Once you send the documents, you will receive an email from Tata Cliq with an attachment of their ECS(Electronic clearing service; that banks offer to automate your transactions) and a registration form for Tata Cliq.  Fill out the details and send them back to the same email address.
  • Finally, you will be required to send them a few copies of your GST certificate, a canceled cheque, product images, and a product-selling license. After that, you will need to complete their seller verification process; in this process, they review and approve your account before allowing you to sell on this platform.
  • Once the verification is completely done, they will send you the activation instruction and login link for accessing your seller account and getting paid for your orders. 



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2). Tata Cliq is Different From Other Platforms, How?

Tata Cliq is a unique platform that allows you to sell your products or brand only if it has been established. If you have a new product or brand, you are not allowed to sell it on this platform.

This would mean that Tata Cliq is different from other eCommerce platforms in many ways. It has its own potential, but it also has its own challenges.

For example, as a seller, you can not sell your products or brand on this platform until or unless it is not a well-recognized one. This means that you will have to be careful about which products and brands you choose for your store because they may not be accepted by the audience at large.

This may make it difficult for some people who have innovative ideas but do not have the resources necessary to bring them to life.

3). Benefits of Selling Products on Tata Cliq?

  • The best thing about selling products on Tata Cliq is that it gives you complete control over the pricing of your products. You can set your own prices and decide when to list them online, without having to pay a commission to us.
  • This means that you’re not tied down by anyone’s terms or conditions—you can sell as many products as you like!
  • You’ll also be able to increase your exposure by making sure that people who see your products on the site will know about them—and hopefully buy them!
  • In addition, we provide 24×7 support from our team, so if you need help with anything at any time, we’re here for you.
  • You don’t have to worry about managing inventory or orders either—they do all of that for you! We’ll even send you reminders if there are any problems with orders or payments so they don’t cause a delay in getting paid.




4). What is Tata Cliq Seller Commission?


Tata Cliq is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in India. It is a very popular website that allows you to sell your products online for a commission. You can also buy products from Tata Cliq with a discount and make an instant payment.

But there is one thing that you must know about Tata Cliq Seller Commission. This commission will be charged by the buyer when he makes a purchase through the Tata Cliq website. The commission depends on the product and region where we are selling it. We have provided all the details regarding Tata Cliq Seller Commission in this article so that you can understand how it works and what benefits you can get out of it.

5). What about Tata Cliq seller fees?

The Tata Cliq seller fee is one of the essential parts that every seller wants to know about. It is a fixed amount that you will receive after your product gets sold. You can find this fee on the Tata Cliq login seller page as a seller. You can visit their official seller central website to know the exact fees.  Now you know How to register on Tata Cliq seller, start your online journey.

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