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Alibaba Site Operation

Setting up a storefront on Alibaba is like setting up an online office, showroom and warehouse all in one place. Setting it up is one thing; you must also manage your Alibaba minisite or storefront efficiently and keep it updated. This does need plenty of time and concentration.

Site operations

There are plenty of things you can do on your minisite on Alibaba. At the minimum, site operations comprise of the activities detailed below.

Activating the storefront

Once your request for registration is approved and you are verified then Alibaba will grant you permission to set up your storefront. You need to login to your account and proceed with setting up the storefront. This involves:

  1. Creation of company profile and other details such as manufacturing facility, capacity and so on.
  2. Product showcase and product category and product listing, which will be a time-consuming task, especially if you have a great many different products.
  3. You have to set up shipment terms and policies.
  4. You have to set up varying price slabs and structures starting with Minimum Order Quantity.
  5. You set up payment options
  6. Then there will be your inbox to manage incoming messages and respond to queries
  7. If you receive orders then you have to manage the orders
  8. Manage inventory
  9. Manage shipments and tracking information
  10. Resolve queries and complaints.
  11. Ensure that you are not violating any of the policies of Alibaba


Beyond this, in order to grow and promote your business your Alibaba site operations could also involve these related activities:

Keeping track of competitors and their prices
Data gathering and analytics

Taking part in Alibaba promotions and ads and keeping a lookout for forthcoming trade expos and trade shows

Digital promotion of your Alibaba site to generate traffic and increase visibility in searches.

Create campaigns and strategies to sell off slow-moving items and manage pricing for profits and for more sales.

As can be seen, it is no easy task to manage the site. It requires dedication. If you try to do this on your own then your actual business will suffer. Besides, a lack of adequate knowledge could lead to wrong decision-making. The best way is for you to focus on your core activities of selling and sourcing and leave site operations of your Alibaba site to experts like Loombiz Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Ecommerce support service providers do more than just manage your Alibaba site. They will also take care of SEO, promotions, data analytics, and optimization of the entire online business which will lead to faster growth and higher revenues. Give it a try. It is worth the expense.

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