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About us

Serving The Industry Since 2015

Our thing is to enhance our customer’s online presence by constantly upgrading our technology and capabilities. Maintain a decent relationship with our guests and give services to expand their reach to new requests for a better expansion of the business. give impeccable client service with the loftiest position of moxie and advice.

At Loombiz, we formulate strategies for our guests to make the stylish route to drive business for their brand. As the Branding colonist – Johna Sachs said, “ Your Brand is a story unfolding across all client touch points. ”, at Loombiz we work on making the ordinary extraordinary.



The company was innovated in 2015 by Rahul Kumar( CEO). Loombiz Consultancy Pvt Ltd is started with the charge of erecting an association that connects businesses and people together to grow and achieve success.


Our vision is to take advantages from our means and chops and understanding of the business sphere area to fulfill the conditions of guests to produce a result for their individual business requirements. To help guests in creating a positive and strong relationship with their followership in brand structure. To be known for our unique approaches and quality work towards furnishing the loftiest satisfaction to every customer we work with.

Our conception is to delivered excellent services to our guests with a total commitment towards work and getting the job done in the stylish possible way. Honesty and collective trust are significant to foster connections with our guests. translucency in what we deliver and to give a substantiated and customized services to the guests.

Our Smart, creative, and educated platoon is devoted to helping you 24 * 7 by maintaining a decent relationship and furnishing you stylish support regarding all your queries to gauge your business by delivering innovative digital marketing results.

Our History was started in 2015 and constantly we’re going stylish on the way of invention and creativity. We’ll help you to prepare for online business by furnishing the leading services and revamp your place in the online request at a sweet cost.

Loombiz is an E-commerce and digital marketing service provider established in 3 Major State( Bangalore, Bihar, Jharkhand). We give remote backing support to merchandisers and help them manage their Online Business on a colorful platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Meesho, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, Club Factory, eBay, and Shopclues). We deliver quality creative services to our guests SMM, PPC, A Content, Cataloguing, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing, E-commerce results, Content Management, and Advertising- related systems.


In detail, we’ve results for all your online business conditions. We believe in delivering what we promise, and we noway compromise on quality. We’ll offer you digital marketing results that will keep you ahead of others in the request.

At Loombiz, We’re a creatively led, strategically driven and tech- expertise full service digital marketing agency. From brand mindfulness to client engagement, our professed platoon can help you achieve your marketing pretensions. we produce success stories of brands that glow brighter in the digital space. We aspire to imprint value on a brand to tell a awful tale. We’ll give your business an excellent morning for endless business openings. We’ve a combination of skillful, creative, and affect- acquainted workers who help our guests with all aspects ofE-Commerce results. Our platoon of specialists and largely good individualities will help you sculpt out that special niche in the online world.

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