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Alibaba Product Posting

Alibaba has thousands of sellers on its platform offering the same product so, when visitors land at your minisite on Alibaba, it is important that they find products they are looking for with ease. It depends on how well you organize products on your showcase and in the product categories. There is more to product listing than just using a descriptive title and images.

Follow Alibaba guidelines

Alibaba has laid out comprehensive guidelines and rules for product listing. Product listings that do not conform to the policy can be removed. Further, specific categories of products such as weapons, medical drugs and other items detailed in their policy are prohibited from being listed. Secondly, you need to take into account the intellectual property rights protection policy as regards faces, names, signatures, counterfeit items, software and unauthorized use of IP.
It is important to ensure that the images correlate with the product description. If it does not then it will be removed. Also make sure that the image is not copied from any other website and that it does not violate copyright.

Correct product name and title

You cannot assign product names haphazardly or in the way you like. The product name and title must be researched and should include words and keywords that prospective buyers use. This will ensure better display in search results. One must also keep in mind that buyers in different parts of the world may use different keywords to find a specific product.
Product listing service covers, in a nutshell:

  1. Choosing the right product name and title
  2. Design of thumbnail in addition to actual images
  3. Use of keywords that buyers are using in searches for that product
  4. Detailed description, technical specifications
  5. Updating the product list.
  6. If you are operating as a seller and buyer then you should specifically state whether the product listed is for sale or whether you are looking to buy that product.

Put it in the right category

Here again, you might be tempted to place a product in a category to which it may not actually belong such as kitchen appliances being put in the electronic devices category. It is not permitted to display the same product more than once. Violation could lead to the removal of the product listing.

The process of product listing should receive due care. It starts at the moment you set up the storefront and define categories. The first step to product listing on Alibaba is to organize your product catalog into various categories and give each image a suitable title that also appears in the descriptive product information text. The title and text should be SEO optimized and chosen with care after research to include keywords of importance.

Products that you wish to sell more and products that are in demand should go into the recommended or hot buy sections. To understand why and how doing product listing on Alibaba the right way is important all you need to do is to look at the search facility on the Alibaba portal.

Buyers can search using a variety of keywords such as using “power drill” or “hand drill” or “drill” or “electric drill” or “drilling machine for a hand power drill. Therefore you should know about all such keywords that can be used. Then again, you should know in which category to put power drill such as in hand tools or power tools or machinery and equipment. You should also know which category is the best and most used. This can be a challenge and if you find it too onerous you can always leave it to experts at Loombiz Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. to get it right for you and thus generate more sales.

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