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How to Sell on Alibaba

Alibaba is inarguably the world’s biggest online ecommerce company with global sales exceeding $240 billion. It has Taobao, Tmall and Aliexpress as part of its B2B and B2C operations worldwide. It is the fourth biggest tech company after Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Joining Alibaba

Alibaba even outranks Amazon and is certainly the No. 1 for B2B sales. If you wish to reach a global audience of over 50 million users across 240 countries then there is nothing better than Alibaba. How do you get started? Just follow this guide on how to sell on Amazon. Loombiz Consultancy Pvt.Ltd. offer total assistance to get you launched on Alibaba, giving you professional assistance thereafter too. However, if you feel like doing it on your own these are the steps to follow.

Create Account on Alibaba

The first step to selling on Alibaba is to sign up and create a seller account. You can do this with ease:

  1. Launch the site alibaba.com
  2. You will see various links. One of these is “Sell on Alibaba”
  3. Click on it and you will see three options: global seller, Chinese seller and partner program.
  4. You should choose the global seller option. A new window opens up in which you will see a button “start selling” at the top right. Click on it and a pop up appear in which you enter your details and follow the process to completion. Note down the user name and the password you have created.
  5. Please keep in mind that you should first conduct a product category search on Alibaba to know into which product category your product slots in and then enter that product category. Also research the keywords used for that product and enter these in the form
  6. Your description of the product should be brief but should include all necessary details.
  7. Also, pay attention to product status, application and type of product and be accurate. There will also be an option for detailed description in which you should enter fullest details.
  8. You will then have to upload images of each product by choosing Browse, select from photo bank, navigate to the folder in your computer where you have stored the image and select it. Do this for all products.
  9. It is helpful to give each image the same name as the product and also a model number.
  10. The next step of the registration process is to choose the payment terms you find acceptable as a seller on Amazon. Just keep in mind that buyers in different countries may prefer different methods of payment.
  11. You must also specify the minimum order quantity. If you have pricing for quantity slabs then define the prices such as $100 for 100 pcs, $90 for 500 pcs, $85 for 1000 pcs.
  12. You will also be required to indicate how much you can supply per day and the estimated delivery period. Be sure to give the right figures. Business buyers want to know just how capable you are of delivering quantity goods within a scheduled time period.
  13. Also, indicate packaging details. Your registration process is almost done.

Company Profile

The next step to selling on Alibaba is to create your company profile. It should appear professional and give the impression that you are a global player. The company profile should give a brief write-up about your company and also other details such as:

  1. Location
  2. Specify if you are a supplier or buyer or both
  3. Name, telephone number, business type, and main products you manufacture or deal in.
  4. Enter your gender and then your contact address.
  5. This completes the profile creation section on the Alibaba seller portal

With this submission the process of applying to become a seller on Amazon is complete. As can be seen it is lengthy procedure and you will have to be careful on certain points, especially product description, product classification, assigning model numbers, packaging description and pricing. Digicommerce can help you with professional services to assure accuracy and uniformity.
You will also need to upload softcopies of your various registrations to prove your business credentials.


You will also be required to upload professional looking product photographs. Loombiz Consultancy Pvt.Ltd can help you with product categorization and classification as well as professional product photography.


Please also keep in mind that you will have to set up a bank account to receive payment from international buyers. It also helps to have PayPal and other payment options.

  1. B2B transactions usually involve Letters of Credit, direct bank transfers, telegraphic transfers, and Echecks. These are areas in which you can seek assistance from Loombiz Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.’s professional eCommerce facilitators.
  2. Once you start selling on Alibaba you will have to manage your account and inventory status on Alibaba. You have to keep updating your product catalog, add new items, and remove those that are sold off or those that you wish to discontinue.
  3. When you sell on Alibaba it pays to keep a watch on all that is going on Alibaba, activities of competitors, buyers’ preferences and market trends so that you stay on top. This is a complex exercise, one in which you will find assistance from Loombiz Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. invaluable.
  4. Get started on Alibaba as a seller with Loombiz Consultancy Pvt.Ltd .’ help and then keep them by your side to manage your account even as you focus on core activities like selling, managing orders and managing inventory. Their assistance spells success on a global scale. Get started now.

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