What is SPN for Ajio Seller Central?

Ajio seller central is an all-in-one solution for small businesses and retailers who need to sell their products on multiple platforms. We give you access to multiple shopping cart solutions, payment gateways, marketplaces, and eCommerce websites. An SPN like Loombiz make it easy for you to list your products on Ajio. We Help you with 
o Product listing, 
o Ajio Seller Registration,  
o Imaging services
o Cataloge and Listing
o Account Management
o Advertisement/Sponsored ads
o Logistics & international shipping
o Account Reactivation
o Sale Boost
o Digital Marketing
o Website development
o SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

What are the Different Categories of Products Sellers can List in the Ajio seller Portal?

There are different categories of products sellers can list in Ajio seller central. They are
Home/Kids/Furniture – This category includes products like home decorations and furniture that are sold at home or used in it.
– Electronics – these products include mobile phones, accessories, etc.
– Jewelry – This category includes all types of jewelry and baubles.
– Menswear – this classification includes men’s clothing for formal occasions.
– Women’s wear – this classification includes women’s clothing for formal occasions.
– Fashion accessories – This feature consists of non-useful gadgets that add a bit of style to our lives.

What are the Documents Required for Ajio Seller Registration?

The Documents Required for Ajio Seller Registration:
1. Business Details
2. PAN Card
3. GST
4. Aadhar Card
5. Trademark Certificate

What are the Benefits of Selling on Ajio?

Benefits of selling on Ajio:
1. More customers and sales
2. Ease of entry
3. Huge market opportunity
4. Customer support
5. Add products easily and quickly

How do I List my Products on Ajio

Step 1: Create an Ajio Seller Account
The first step to listing products on Ajio is to register your company. You must create a Reliance account with your PAN to be listed on the Seller center for merchants.
Ajio seller registration is pretty simple, as all you need to provide is your phone number and email address. These details will be verified by the website with an OTP sent to you on the same phone number. The last step is to list your products by logging in to the Ajio seller site https://bit.ly/3Gp1Y8T.

Step 2: The Correct Product Listing Template
Select the correct Product listing template by downloading the correct product category templates. Each of Ajio’s categories has unique templates categorized by gender. There are no restrictions on renaming the downloaded templates, and a maximum of 5 templates can be downloaded at once. These templates come in an excel format and include a list of mandatory attributes and optional attributes that need to be filled in for each product SKU.

Step 3: Fill in the Product listing Template
You are required to fill in specific details for products such as seller SKU, product category, brand name, etc.

Step 4: List Your Product
In order to create a product listing, Ajio requires you to upload the product listing template onto your account. The product catalog will comprise relevant details, images, and specifications of the products listed on your website. This can be done by selecting ‘Product catalog upload’ from the top navigation bar on our merchant portal. Browse for a file with attachments and click submit to add it. If an error occurs during this step, we provide you with specific instructions with regard to what has failed and how you should proceed, so as not to waste your time.

Step 5: Errors in the Product Listing
If your product listing template fails to list, multiple errors appear in the auto QC. Please review these for correctly listing your products and ensure that information is entered correctly by editing the template and correcting any errors.

If the product listing is not shown to be complete, then you will not see a sale. We recommend that you check your product details. Please note that if an item does not sell in 30 days, it will be removed from our online catalog.

After your product has been created, it can be listed within minutes on Ajio. Make sure you check for any errors in the upload file before submitting it again.