Account Management and Sales Boost Services for Amazon

Launch and grow your business with Loombiz Account Management and Sales Boost Services.  Bring a boost to your Business with Account management For Amazon and Sales Boost Service For Amazon

Amazon has reached billions of sellers across the globe and with this expansion comes the need of handling so many seller accounts. As sellers, a lot of responsibility comes to their shoulders from purchasing their stocks from suppliers to finally packaging them upon receiving orders. This whole process consists of a lot of tasks and efforts to be completed.

To handle their business and provide insightful inputs, Loombiz is a door to one step solution!

The account managers ensure that they explain each and every scenario of the performance of the account from advertisement budget discussion to helping them to resolve their cases on the case log. The relationship between sellers and managers is always healthy; they can trust and build a good business on Amazon with their guidance.

Account Management Service For Amazon/ Account Health management For Amazon is the backbone of any seller central account of any ecommerce platform and hence it plays a vital role in keeping the sellers account active over any e commerce platform.

It basically includes three parameters, i.e., customer service performance, policy compliance & shipping performance. Our ECommerce account management services are specifically designed to help you get maximum exposure on online portals. We have proficiency in ECommerce marketing and handle all your accounts with excellence so that you can focus on the betterment of your product.

Account Management For Amazon

We at Loombiz Consultancy Pvt Ltd have dedicated account health management team that works on improving the account health and making sure to keep the account health in good status. This involves our strategic day to day plan of monitoring the account health and our experienced team works efficiently to improve the account health by keeping the track of all the notifications, messages & mails received to our clients and the work accordingly.

 Account Management For Amazon/Account health management For Amazon involves, working on getting negative feedback removed, resolving A to Z claims, sending Posts for IPR, Copyright, Inauthentic, used item sold as new, defective, complaints etc.  It also involves keeping LDR, PCR, ODR and VTR under threshold. Our exclusive expertise in the E-Commerce business makes us the right choice when you want to start selling on all the E-Commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Myntra, Snapdeal, Limeroad, Nykaa, Paytm, ShopClues, Firstcry, etc. 

Sales Boost Service For Amazon

Sales Boost Service For Amazon will help you increase sales. We play the role of the third-party service provider to Amazon sellers.

Loombiz helps amazon sellers in managing inventory price & quantity refresh, new product listing, order confirmation, FBA shipment creation, shipment label generation. Our sales boost service will help you in your everyday operations, account health management, deals and promotions, repricing. Our team is equipped with data and knowledge and will give you right suggestions to increase visibility, discoverability and sales of your product.

Our team is expertise in building the powerful presence of your brand in the global market and enables you to grow in every segment of your business. We are here to assist you so you could analyze your own strength. Our Ecommerce Expert work closely on each factor, such as listing optimization, keywords & category research, SEO, PPC Advertisement and all the other factor that is responsible for sales. Through our Sales Boost Services, we help you remain successful in the competitive online marketplace. After launching of your account, we manage your brand name, inventory, product pricing, consumer claim, etc. Our Complete Sales Boost Package for eCommerce targets eligible customers and also gives a push to the fence-sitters to buy your product.

Why Choose us

Sellers and account managers healthy relationship

Good understanding and sound knowledge of business on Amazon that the account managers have

Providing quick and effective solutions for handling cases in the accoun

Services like listings, advertisement, promotions coupons, and maintenance of account health metrics make a combination that is eventually done for account management and sales boost

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